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She approached the old mill town from across the hills, searching, as she had, for a long time before.


Then she saw it, a gathering point for Bohemians, age of no  consequence, drawn to the smell of coffee and the sounds within.


A place where people fall in love, a place where hearts are torn apart, never to be mended, neutral ground that feels like home, secure in it’s confines.


Through the door, perception of time changes, has an hour or five minutes passed? Her senses soothed by the aromas, the familiar of coffee, the unfamiliar, a herby, spicy fragrance from the кухня.


She hears sounds, spanning decades, the tortured voices of artists long gone, triggering memories long forgotten, harmonising with the young. Unfamiliar in a teasing familiar way, had she heard these sounds  before?

A refuge from the incoherence of life, an earned reward, a gift to herself, the reasons are many.

If there was only a single choice that she was profoundly aware of, it is that this small extravagance is deservedly hers.


A smile from a fellow conspirator, a complicit, quiet acknowledgement of shared passions and pleasures, implicated in her discovery, now, forever her own…





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