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Roll up, Roll up, Our Cyclists for the Giro D’Italia Expedition

On Saturday 27th May the 100th race of the Giro rolls into the Italian hometown of Nick Franchini (one of the owners of the Kava Kafe) for the final cross country leg of this classic race. Asiago is on the biggest and sunniest plateau in the alps and a paradise for cyclists. The city itself is at 1000 metres altitude in north east Italy. Nick is inviting two groups of cyclists to join him and his friends and family there, one group from Cycling Club Hackney in London and another from our cycling fraternity in the north west.

There will be a party of course along with an opportunity to get involved with the local race organisers and a range of local tours including a tour about the remarkable history of the British expeditionary force in the First World War including the grave of Edward Brittain where the ashes of his sister, novelist and peace campaigner Vera Brittain, were scattered.

Below is a flyer you can share and also a web link with more details. Final details will be published once we get a timetable for the event from the city council of Asiago. In the meantime we are collecting expressions of interest. Email Nick Franchini with your name, any club/group affiliation and your names and ages. Be there in the city square of Asiago or be square back here 😉

Flyer/Leaflet for the expedition showing the Asiago Plateau in springtime floral regalia

Flyer/Leaflet to share

Web link with more details

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